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Preparation for Everything

By mundyrobinson on March 24, 2020 0 Comments

Our Plan 28 February-4 March Wake up Nervous Feel Bit Sick in Leeds 28/2/20 THE PAMPHLETS To Otley Otley Ritual THE CIRCLE My Promise to Casey You are my guruI give myself to youI trust youGuru On this trip Casey drives to Stirling Synchronised Swimming in Stirling NumbersRitualQuietCalm Whisky in Stirling Giggling Sleeping Casey drives … Continue Reading

Blog post, Look, Research, Study Trips

France (Not Spain) on a Train with Patti Smith

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GO TO FRANCE ON A TRAIN 27.10.19 Yesterday Train to St. Pancras O.K. Now woken up. Train at 8.15 ->Paris He is in the shower. We’re staying at Premier Inn. It’s O.K. Gonna do yoga now. I didn’t. St. Pancras with him He’s playing DRAW RACE on his phone. I’m reading Patti Smith. She’s talking … Continue Reading

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It was 22 June -2 days after Dalloway Day (20 June). Monk’s House has been in my head for a few years. A pilgrimage. I went with Nicky Doyle. HIGHLIGHTS FOR ME WERE Vanessa Bell’s portrait of Virginia, looking at the garden, painting alongside Nicky in the garden, Virginia’s writing room, the people that work … Continue Reading